Cold Weather Safety Tips

With the extreme weather hitting the Midwest it is a good time to spread some helpful tips to stay safe and protect your property!

  1. In extreme cold weather it is a good habit to let your faucets drip throughout the night and even into the day if the cold persists. The drip allows the water to keep moving in the pipes, making it harder to freeze! Frozen pipes have the nasty habit of bursting, which would pump water into your walls and could be a very costly fix and a very big headache!
  2. Bundle Up!! In sub -25 degree temps you can catch frostbite in exposed areas in as little as 4 minutes! (PS this goes for your four-legged friends as well!)
  3. Keeping your fluids full in your car and having proper gear (ie shovel, jumper cables, gloves) these will help prepare you if you are caught in a dangerous situation.
  4. As the weather warms up be mindful of all the excess snow and ice that melts. This thaw could cause problems for your sump pump or if you are near a river or creek be prepared for higher water levels!

Stay safe out there!! Summer is just around the corner!

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