Everyday businesses run the risk of being hacked or threatened by a cyber-attack. Whether you are a fortune 500 business or small local business your organization is at risk. Below are some quick statistics on cyber liability and the increasing risks.


Top 5 Reasons your business needs cyber liability

  1. Data Breaches and cyber-attacks have increased 42% in the last year alone
  2. 40 % of all breaches have occurred in organizations with 1,000 or fewer employees
  3. All Industries are vulnerable to a data breach
  4. The average cost of a data breach has risen to 5.4 million
  5. When your business experiences a breach the average cost is $188 per record


Reasons why companies fail to purchase Cyber liability Insurance

  • “Only large organizations are targets” – Not true, 38% of breaches have occurred at organizations with fewer than 100 employees
  • “We’ve never had an issue before” – Cyber events are on the rise, according to Symantec the number of targeted attached increased to 91%
  • “We’re protected because we outsource out IT” – as the original owner of data your organization is ultimately responsible for any attack on or breach of its network, systems and information.
  • “ We have State-of-the- art systems in place for security” – Technology is always changing taking the necessary precautions may minimize damages but there is always a risk of information being stolen


Estimate your exposure with a data breach calculator www.databreachcalculator.com


Overall Cyber events have become a constant reminder that nothing is safe. There are many examples on how a company can be exposed to a data breach. Sometimes breaches occur from a pure accident or lost item Example:  If a laptop gets stolen or lost you face the potential of confidential information being taken.



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