Accidents happen. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s Workplace Safety Index, below are a few of the most common injuries in the work place, along with some tips to keep your employees safe & your Workers Compensation policy free of claims.

Repetitive motions involving micro-tasks While this category only represents 2.9% of claims, that seemingly small percentage still accounts for $1.82 billion dollars. These are your carpal tunnels, or perhaps a kink in the neck from looking down at a document and back to the screen too many times. We recommend stepping away from the computer for a bit to alleviate too many repetitive motions that can result in this type of injury.

Slipping and/or falling These two are fairly common and a bit more difficult to actively prevent. Slipping, even if there is a guard rail for an employee to hold on to, can result in injuries when your employees try to brace themselves, commonly causing sprains or injuries to wrists or knees. And employees who slip and do fall? They make up the “second most costly injury,” costing $10.17 billion dollars. While slips, trips, & falls can be difficult to prevent, there are a few precautions worth noting. Keep all work areas clean and free of clutter and if need-be, implement slip-resistant shoes in areas prone to having slick floors. During the winter months, make sure all areas are properly shoveled & salted.

Struck against object or equipment Like slipping and/or falling, preventing an office worker from bumping into the corner of a desk or jamming his or her finger into the filing cabinet is difficult to prevent, if it can be prevented at all.  Ask your employees to be mindful of their movements, and if one area seems prone to a lot of accidents, perhaps look into some cautionary signage or office feng shui.

Overexertion involving an outside source Coming in at number one on the list of most costly workplace injuries are the ones that result in “sprains, strains, and tears caused by overexertion.” More often than not, these injuries are caused by an employee lifting something too heavy or not following safety protocols when moving equipment or product. These claims account for nearly a quarter of all workplace injuries, costing $15.08 billion. It is imperative to stress the importance of following safety procedures to your employees. If you want to go a step further, appoint a Safety Manager to oversee operations. This will help to ensure all employees are conducting their work carefully and according to safety specifications.

Even the safest workplaces will experience accidents from time to time. Even so, a little extra precaution always goes a long way.

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