When it comes to workplace safety, are you sleeping on one of the most frequently overlooked risks? You can provide your employees with safety glasses, gloves, back braces, & non-slip shoes but if your employees are not getting enough sleep, it could all be for naught. The National Safety Council surveyed 2,000 employees across an array of industries and concluded that 43% of those surveyed reported not getting enough sleep daily, with an alarming 27% having even fallen asleep on the job.

Experts recommend that employers should stop awarding individuals who put in a ton of overtime as these employees can often swap a few extra hours of much-need R&R for work. Another recommendation would be to ensure your employees are adequately trained on the importance of getting enough sleep. With extreme fatigue being comparable to a 0.08 blood alcohol level, making sure your employees are properly rested is imperative to the overall safety of your business.

Hard work is critical to success but not at the expense of your employee’s health. Encourage your employees to get plenty of sleep and watch workday productivity soar!


*Source – Business Insurance Magazine (10/2017)

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