In our day in age, it’s not a matter of if you will be affected by cybercrime, it’s a matter of when. With the average cost of a data breach being over $7 million, it’s extremely important to do anything in your power to ensure you & your company are covered.

On average, it takes 46 days for a cyber-attack to be resolved at over $21,000 per day. On top of this, 76% of consumers indicated they would steer clear of businesses that had a record of data breaches. The legal cost and damage to an organization’s brand and reputation is enough to bring a longstanding, successful business to its knees.

A few steps you can take to minimize your risk:

  • Create a policy for your employees to adhere to. Train them on the methods of preventing cyber security.
  • Be sure to create strong passwords and change them up frequently.
  • Keep software and firewalls up to date.
  • Invest in a cyber security consultant to discover any possible holes in your network.

These simple steps can potentially be the difference between bouncing back from a cyber-attack and having to close your doors for good.



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