Its March! That means getting ready for spring and of course putting together your NCAA March Madness Tournament bracket together so you can watch it get busted in the first 2 days. Well everyone here at The Bulow Group thought it would be nice to give you a few pointers and fun facts so that you can win that office pool this year as well as have some good convo starters at the water cooler, here they are!

  • The #1 seed has only lost once in the first round to a 16 seed since the beginning of the tournament in 1939. (2018 – UMBC-16th seed defeated Virginia-1st seed)
  • No team has ever won the championship with less than 35% 3-point shooting in the regular season. (Duke’s three-point shooting in 2019 – 30%)
  • Every champion has been in the top 10 of adjusted offense and defense- so your best bet for a winner will be a team in a 1-3 seed.
  • Sister Jean is the only nun to travel to the final four with their team. (Loyola University- 2018)
  • Only one Illinois team is in the tournament this year. (Bradley University Braves – Peoria IL)

Remember, NO ONE has ever had a perfect bracket, so have fun with it!

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