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The Bulow Group values the opinions of each and every employee. That’s why, a few years ago, we implemented an annual Agency Roundtable event. At the event, our leadership team guides employees in reviewing the feedback-based achievements our company made in the prior year. We also look at goals we didn’t hit and ideas in progress. This meeting is important to our CEO, Mike Bulow, and we wanted to give him the chance to express exactly why that is.

Q: What gave you the idea to host this unique event?

A: Our best ideas come from our team; they are on the front lines of almost every facet of our business. Our goal was to give our team a platform to provide feedback and recommendations in a judgement-free zone.

Q: Why do you make it a priority to gather feedback from your employees?

A: We’ve learned that the true power lies in giving everyone a voice. For us, it is knowing when to direct and when to listen, when to judge and when to observe, when to hold our ground and when to step back and when to say yes. (Admittedly, we learned this from others.)

Q: What are some of your proudest accomplishments from recent years that resulted from Agency Roundtable feedback?

A: Two things come to mind right away: Time off and a new TBG HQ. We now offer unlimited PTO for all full-time employees. We are also working on finalizing our new headquarters which will include a full-service gym, auditorium, learning centers, wellness rooms and outdoor space.

Q: The Agency is growing fast! Will you continue this event as we expand?

A: Absolutely, our Roundtable will become even more important as we continue to expand.