On March 16th, we closed up shop for the evening & headed over to the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn to prepare a meal for the families currently residing there.

Ronald McDonald House provides housing & support services for families with seriously ill or injured children. In 2014 alone, Ronald McDonald Houses across the globe served as a home away from home to nearly 5.7 million families with ailing children. Having a place to stay in such close proximity to their child in the hospital eases the burden of extensive traveling— which is exhausting, costly, and unnecessarily stressful.

RMH allows these families to concentrate on their children while an abundance of volunteers take care of the cleaning and cooking of the home. That’s where we came in. The Bulow Group prepared & served a meal including a cucumber salad, green beans, risotto, and beef sandwiches dipped and prepared to each resident’s particular preference.

We signed up to cook dinner for the families at RMH all the way back in November & they were booked with volunteer cooks all the way through March! Our meal included Chicago style beefs, antipasti plates, orzo salad, green bean salads, and desert! Themeals are not the only thing sourced by volunteers either. The furniture, toys, cleaning products, & even hygienic products for the families to use have all been generously donated. These donations help to ensure the residents are as comfortable as they can be by creating a truly cozy & welcoming atmosphere for them to return to, often after many physically & emotionally exhausting hours spent in the hospital.

It is both humbling & quite the honor to cook for these families and we appreciate them letting us into their home. We encourage you to check out the RMH page where you can learn more about their mission, sign up a group to prepare a meal for the home’s residents, or donate.

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