Many people are under pressure every day, between work schedules and personal obligations many of us seem to find no time to squeeze anything else in the day. People are always using the term “too busy”. Personally I feel there is always time for anything, and it all starts with organization followed by productivity.

Organization- We all have a lot of things going on, everyday seems to slip away  we are often left going to bed with many tasks unfinished or not even touched. However, if you were to take every task that you face and schedule these items throughout your day with a calendar or task manager your life would be much more efficient and ultimately easier.  You can itemize your day and treat it as a shopping list crossing off your daily and weekly goals as you go.

Productivity – It is great to be organized and to stay focused on goals, but it is most important to stay productive. If you allot 2 hours for a project and you are able to finish it in an hour congratulations you just “bought” an extra hour of time. Maybe you are in the middle of a project and your heart isn’t in it today so you re-schedule it for another time THAT’S OK, just be sure to get it done and remain positive and productive. Remember if you stay productive you will buy more time.

Personal example:

“When I first started my professional career I thought 8 hours per day/ 40 hours per week was very time consuming and that I didn’t have time for anything else. I was getting sluggish, dreaded any type of curveball that my day brought and was not as productive as I wanted to be. Since then I work 10 + hours per day, workout for an hour a day, read an hour a day spend quality time with my family (who has since grown) and friends while donating a few hours per week at a local charity. I didn’t squeeze more hours into the week I simply utilized my outlook calendar and inputted everything I needed and wanted to achieve throughout the week and set course. Yes this meant I had to sacrifice some of my old downtime TV and I may wake up earlier than I did before but my schedule keeps me on point and I remain focused day in and day out”

Overall there are a lot of motivational tools, books and articles that can help you.  I feel that the more organized and productive the more time you will find. It’s important to keep balance between your personal and professional life.

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