TBG wellness logoWith summer approaching what better time to celebrate national fitness month. Many businesses are focusing on improving their company culture and employee health is major component of that. We try and keep employee health at the front of our minds, but try and keep it fun as well. In the past health meant going to the gym for an hour a day, and trying to eat a little better. Now health has been taken to a whole new level especially with the technology that is so readily available. Whether you track you calories on your smart phone or wear an active band that counts your steps, there are easier ways to become healthy without having to be so strict on yourself. Here are a few ways to become more active and healthy without even stepping foot into a gym

  1. Turn off your TV or computer and get out of the house
  2. Walk or bike instead of driving
  3. Develop a routine (running schedule, walk around the block etc.)
  4. Re-discover the great outdoors
  5. Read and look up healthy alternatives for the food you love
  6. Start a contest with your fellow employees

Often times it feels like the term “health” or “exercise” is interpreted so many different ways (how do you describe health or exercise).  The best method is to try new things, and create your own routine (something that works for you). Some people might like walking over running, some might like to bike whatever the case is you can create your own plan and stick to it.



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