Here at TBG Headquarters, we have a big sign on our wall that reads “Change the Game.” This serves as our daily reminder to do just that. As a commercial insurance agency, we employ a variety of techniques and methods to change the game in a way that ensures our clients are always getting fast, exemplary service. In today’s age of ever-expanding technology, we are able to utilize a number of tools to harness that technology to not only our advantage, but to our client’s benefit as well.

Take for instance TBG On Demand. A free service to any of our clients who opt to use it, TBG On Demand allows our insureds to view their policies, request policy changes, & even issue their own certificates of insurance. While our service staff is always happy to assist with any of our clients’ needs, TBG On Demand is perfect for after hours and weekend requests and it’s simply a great platform for our insured’s who prefer a more “hands-on” approach with their account.

Our Producers work of a mobile app that they can open up in their phones that allows them to access their client’s information while on the road. Our Producers spend a lot of time out of the office meeting with prospective & current clients so this app serves as a safe management system they can always access should an insured contact them with any questions regarding their account.

These are just a few examples of how we are leveraging tech to our benefit as an agency and we will continue to embrace all that technology has to offer to enhance our clients’ experience.


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