We’re already three weeks into 2016 and there’s a good chance most of us have already eased up on our lists of resolutions. If you’re still going strong, congratulations! Keep it up and perhaps you will see yourself become one of the 8% of people who achieve their New Year’s resolutions. If you have fallen off the wagon a bit, do not fret! Here is a list of resolutions you can incorporate into your business to assist in making 2016 one for the books.

  1. Change things up Sit down & take some time to evaluate your business model & processes. What can be done more efficiently? What needs more attention? Is your team happy & successful in their respective departments? Making some minor changes can take 2016 from status quo to the bar you set your future standards to.
  2. Look to other industries
  3. This one may seem odd, because what could a multi-billion dollar tech company like Apple have in common with, say, a small bakery operation? As it turns out, more than you may think. Companies like Apple have set a standard for other companies in their industry, but how? Simply put—they are innovative. They have tried (and succeeded) at things their competitors had sneered at. Any industry can benefit from innovation. Even a bakery? Just look at the Cronut craze of a few years ago. The chef at a bakery in New York invented the Cronut after “2 months & more than 10 recipes” and now hundreds of other bakeries (including Dunkin Donuts) have tried to follow suit. So take a look at the leaders in other industries and assess what makes them so successful. Chances are you may discover some techniques that could help you with your own business.
  4. Have fun
  5. Kick the age old advice to “never mix business with pleasure” to the curb. As it turns out, all work and no play makes employees less productive. According to a recent study, employee happiness in the workplace “led to a 12% spike in productivity.” Boost employee morale by offering incentives, rewards, and maybe most importantly, recognition to your employees for their hard work.

Perhaps the most important key to being successful in achieving your resolutions is to start small. Overhauling your operations in one week is not practical, nor is it something we would advise. But making small changes everyday can lead to a year of profound growth both fiscally & wholly.

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