Lately I have been inundated with phone calls, emails and even text messages from people trying to get in front of me to explain their products and services to our business. I enjoy and welcome anyone reaching out as I do feel there are many great companies, products,and services that can help my business grow. However it can get frustrating when the same people call after I explained where we are on things.


As a sales professional myself I am involved with the daily grind of getting in front of businesses to explain and offer my products and services.  One rule I always live by is to LISTEN to my customers or prospects, if someone tells me they are busy I need to respect them and understand they are busy. If someone asks me to call them back in 2 weeks I make sure to call them back in 2 weeks. Sounds easy right?


Many people do not understand that by not listening they are ruining their chances and are potentially damaging their reputation. Almost everyone in the world has access to email, phone, text, twitter and more at their fingertips. So what makes you stand out from your peers? Is it that you call the person so much that you become annoying? Or email pointless garbage thinking you are staying in front of them when you are actually irritating them?


I personally give people honest and true feedback when they contact me. If I am interested in hearing more I will set aside a few minutes to hear them out and respect their time. If it is something that we simply do not need or are not interested at that time I will inform them and give them honest feedback.


Remember to listen to your prospect or customer, if there is problem or issue and your customer is upset you need to put yourself in their shoes and listen/assist accordingly. Do not talk over people, respect their time, and listen to feedback even if it’s not what you want to hear.

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