If you’re a business owner in Illinois, you are familiar with Workers’ Compensation. It is a state-mandated coverage with some heavy fines in place if you do not adhere to the law. That being said, there is certainly no shortage of Workers’ Compensation fraud. And the effects are higher rates and premiums. Of course, carriers and the individual State Bureaus use every resource available to combat these fraudulent claims and their newest ally? Social media.

Social media is public information so when an employee who has recently submitted a claim alleging they twisted his or her ankle on the job subsequently posts a picture playing basketball, this tips off investigators to begin video surveillance of the claimant.

Of course, employers have the opportunity to ward off fraud before it begins by placing surveillance cameras in various areas of the workplace. Should an employee allege they were injured in an area under surveillance, the footage can be submitted to your carrier when they are adjudicating the claim.


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