Many of us are entering the almighty New Year with yet another list of resolutions. We have aspirations to make dramatic changes whether its health, finances, family, etc. All too often we push the gas pedal down 110% to later realize a few weeks  have passed and we are back to the same routine, and the countdown for spring is the only thing we care about. A few reminders on how to stay motivated and committed to your goals.


  • Write it down !- it’s easy to say you’re going to do something but actually writing down your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals takes you to a new level.
  • Small Strides – Often we are in the world of “jumping in head first” try putting your foot in first, see what works and what doesn’t then create your own master plan one that you can call yours.
  • Commit – everyone needs to quit the excuse train of being busy, let’s face it every one is busy, if you say you’re going to do something make the effort and do it!
  • Have Fun – Goals, commitments and your overall satisfaction is much better when you’re having fun doing it. If your goal is to exercise maybe take a day away from your normal routine and join a fitness class or try a new form of exercise. Whatever your goals are mix it up and have some fun.

Although many of us are afraid of change or going outside our comfort zone we need to realize change doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time. You can’t go from sitting on the couch to a marathon runner overnight but the small steps to achieve your goals are the building blocks to become the person you want to be both personal and professional. All of us at the Bulow Group look forward to another amazing year and to conquering our New Year’s  resolutions.


We wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015!

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