In 2017, an Idaho Travel Agency had Workers Compensation, Property, & Professional Liability policies in place. However, they failed to procure a General Liability policy simply because they thought this wasn’t an exposure for their type of business.

The lack of General Liability coverage is a disturbing trend in this industry. Many owners believe that Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage blankets any liability claims that might occur to their business. This is incorrect. E&O, or Professional Liability, will only protect your business in the event of an error or mistake that was made in completing a contract with a customer. General Liability protects you in the event someone (other than an employee who is on the clock) is injured or hurt while visiting your business. Or, in the case of Hired and Non-owned Auto coverage, the event that you use your vehicle for business purposes.

The Bulow Group was able to secure an all-encompassing quote for the Professional Liability, General Liability, Property, and Workers Compensation policies for less premium while offering more protection.

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