18521 Spring Creek Rd Unit B Tinley Park, IL 60477 1415 Park Avenue, Denver Colorado 80205


We believe in a culture that empowers everyone to make TBG better everyday

Every team member must bring a positive attitude every day. You need to add value to every customer experience with a smile and have a sense of humor

They are always looking for more things to do, learn, Responsibility. They never have to be pushed because they are self-motivated and diligent.

Having the foresight to go above and beyond before potential situations or actions occur.

Ideal Team Players are Smart. They have com- mon sense about people, know what is happening in a group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way.

Our Core Values

Clients (not customers) are our backbone

Always put yourself in their shoes while interacting with our clients. Think “how would I want this handled”. We don’t just sell insurance. We make sure our clients can perpetuate when a disaster occurs, while helping them grow along the way


Clients will never love our company until our employees love it first. Our goal is to be the best place to work in Chicago.


Focus on solutions NOT blame. Everything should be done with a sense of urgency and “a whatever” it takes attitude. Our relentless service is not a valued add, it’s a constant.

Respect & Fun

All people play an equally important role. All roles are to be valued and treated with mutual, professional respect. We pride ourselves on having fun while working hard. Team First. Have fun!


Advise, not sell. We are in a partnership with our clients and insurance carriers.

Donate & Innovate

We believe in giving back and leaving our footprint in more than just insurance. All causes that are important to our employees are important to us.

Online Employment Application

Applicant Instructions: Incomplete applications will not be processed. This application will be considered active for 180 days. Any applicant wishing to be considered beyond this time period should submit another application.


Please note. This application is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications for employment. This is not an employment contract. Please answer all questions completely and accurately. False or misleading statements on this form are grounds for terminating the application process, or, if discovered after employment, terminating employment. Additional testing of job-related skills or for the presence of illegal drugs in your body may be required prior to employment.

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